Ox cart rest stop reborn as art gallery and land sales office

By Donna Lynn Norton
Special to A.M. Costa Rica

A new art gallery, Iguana Tranquila, along with a land sales office promoting carbon neutrality, is now housed in the historic Casa Cambronero, “Costa Rica’s Original Rest Stop” site near San Ramón.

Tropic Joe in Peace University

A delegation from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, visited Tropical Sierra Foundation’s see, in San José Costa Rica.

The visitors were interested in the Foundation’s work in environmental education and reforestation.

Tropical Sierra Foundation Seeks Wings for Green Macaw

*We were in the IV Binational meeting for the Green Macaw protection
*Special activities in Northern San Juan, Nicaragua

Trees: Life for the macaws

Within a warm welcome by the Northern San Juan’s people, in Nicaragua, the Binational meeting for the Green Macaw protection was effectuated from May 27th to 29th.

Tropic Joe Supports sea turtle protection

Picture this scene....you have to reach your goal. Your goal is a body of water over a mile away. Getting to this water is essential to your survival. In your struggle to reach this objective you will be going through hostile territory hunted by enemies 100 times your size. You will have no cover or protection. You could be discovered at any moment and destroyed.The terrain is difficult, and .....you will have to crawl.

We Plant for Tomorrow, Today

Tropic Joe and his friends find more commitment for saving the planet.

Like branches of the same tree that grow in search of sunlight and the roots that expand to keep the tree steady, different organizations gathered at the Santa Ana Zoo discovered they have more common goals than difference.


Glass Frog

When you think of glass, you typically think of fragility and translucence. The glass frog is aptly named as it has both of these attributes. The glass frog is indeed translucent. Through it’s fragile membrane of skin one can actually observe the internal organs!

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