The Forest Fairy left, but the children arrived!

Once upon a time, there was a fairy that took care of the forest…

But, there came a heavy rainfall and the fairy, who stood at the edge of a stream, was washed away by the flood that rushed down the stream.

She couldn’t move because her wings were soaked and she had lost her magic wand. We never heard from her again! Only the trees, frogs, butterflies, and the sad elf in love with her remembered her.

Joe trains his guides in the forest

  • Forests are outdoor classrooms
  • Education is a continuous process
  • Joe gets help from CEUNA and ASVO

A few days ago, fifth grade students from the CEUNA School, located in San Rafael, Heredia, were taught about leaves, stems, and roots in their own school forest.

From leaves to Math

Solutions in high school

*More than 40 young people plant trees on campus
*Junior Tropic Joes Rangers help them appreciate nature

October 2004 will go down in history as the month that Tropic Joe the Frog did an educational activity and planted trees at a secondary institution, with the help of the new Junior Tropic Joes Rangers.

High School of 1200 Students

Joe's message in the classroom

The approval of the book “Joe’s Adventures, Photosynthesis” by the Ministry of Education enabled the training of 11 teachers from the Santiago, El Palmar and Barrio San José de San Rafael de Heredia schools.

This pilot program will get the most potential out of this project, created by specialists Samantha Kennedy and Marielos Murillo, and the support and vision of the creator of the Tropical Sierra Foundation, Mr. Foy Streetman.

Healthy environment for a healthy education

*A nice school encourages study for kids
*Aggressiveness and apathy towards education is reduced

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