Project to intoduce technological tools

The Minister of the Atmosphere of the Government of Costa Rica, Robert Dobles announces this Tuesday 7 of November a project to introduce technological tools that it will reduce to the illegal cutting and slow down the deforestation. They indicated that the cutting of trees it was 35% in the 2003 to a 15% last year, indicating that Costa Rica takes the advantage as far as protection of the forests of all Centroamerica, nevertheless is not necessary to lower the guard. The wooded cover in Costa Rica maintains a recovery rate from 1997 when it was of 42%.

Dos Pinos and Tropical Sierra Give a Helping Hand To Siquiares River

The alliance between the Cooperative of Milk Producers Dos Pinos and the Tropical Sierra Foundation (FTS), will let recovery 400 m of Siquiares River in El Coyol, Alajuela.

As a symbolic manner, the Operations Director from Dos Pinos, Dr. Orlando Fletes; Mr. Foy Streetman, founder of TSF and Mr. Gene Hallman from the Rainforest Credits Foundation, planted 12 trees in one of the areas that will be reforested.

María Aguilar river helped by Joe


As part of its Environmental Issues Program, these functionaries of the Hortifruti company worked one Saturday morning planting 100 native trees at the edge of the Maria Aguilar river, which goes through the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.

Joe supports ecological flag prize

One hundred - ten educational centers all over Costa Rica received the Ecologic Blue Flag prize for their contribution to ecological well being.

Trees Mend Broken Hearts

*Cardiac patients and their families plant trees
*Roble and Dama trees unite Tropic Joe and people of Costa Rica
*40 hearts for life

Every hearbeat, no matter how small, is still a heartbeat and the heart is life. That’s how the members of the Cartago Institute Cardiac Rehabilitation Association/ Asociación de Rehabilitación Cardiaca de CartagoInstituto (ARCCA) see it, and for them, planting a tree is a commitment to their own lives.

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