Tropic Joe Helps the Forest

Tropical Sierra Foundation gave to the Ministry of Public Education the book “Tropic Joe’s Adventures”, last Thursday May 26th.

The publication is a children’s book that tells the story of the adventures of a little frog and its friends that are seeking how to defend the forest from the destruction caused by humans. This book also explains photosynthesis and it can be used as an environmental text in formal subjects such as Spanish, social studies, science, math, and others.

For a better world

Children plant life in the Heredian mountain

Children, from age 9 to 11, planted 120 trees on land owned by Heredia’s utilities company, Servicios Públicos de Heredia, located near Barva Volcano, north of Heredia.

Fourth and Fifth grade students from the University Educational Center for Children and Adolescents, CEUNA, left their classrooms, and planted new life one morning so that Topic Joe’s cousins, the worms and the birds, could have better living conditions. 

It is not just like blowing to make bottles

*Tropic Joe and Dos Pinos hand in hand
*Towards the restoration of the Siquiares river

Since the month of August 2004, the Tropical Sierra Foundation and the milk producers’ cooperative Dos Pinos have been working together to develop “The Power of One” in a project to sanitize the Siquiares river at El Coyol de Alajuela.



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