About Us

How we began:

The Tropical Sierra Foundation began many years ago as an idea in the mind of Foy Streetman. Foy was on a trip, to the north of Costa Rica, visiting the Rio Indio Lodge in Tortuguero and learned that many of the local indigenous children were suffering from Rickets, a disease caused by malnutrition. The local tribe had also lost virtually all their livelihoods when the trees were burned during the Sandinista wars.

In an effort to help them be self-sufficient, Foy arranged to have over 400 orange trees planted around their village so eventually they would have a natural source of food and vitamins. He also arranged to plant a number of natural species of trees along the rivers to help stop erosion.

Thus began Foy’s love for reforestation, and soon after, he founded the Tropical Sierra Foundation (TSF). 


Today, the goal is to help everyone learn about the importance of Carbon Neutrality, and how reforestation can help achieve it. This will continue to be the focus for many years to come. Each person who adopts Carbon Neutrality as a way of life can help balance the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and make a difference in so many ways. Our food, water, and weather cycles are all affected positively by reforestation.

TSF has partnered with universities, research organizations, scientists and other foundations to build the Carbon Neutrality program.

TSF has built several web sites to invite participation, by all areas of society, in it’s efforts, including tropicjoes.com and kidsecoworld.com

TSF has just finished the design of RAINFORESTWIKI.ORG where everyone can collaborate, using the WIKI format, on rainforest topics such as reforestation, climate change and a range of other topics. Click on the image below to visit the site and collaborate.

Soon, an on line encyclopedia of information about Carbon Neutrality will be available for everyone to browse. TSF has sponsored this on-line encyclopedia to help students, teachers and all persons interested in the topic of Carbon Neutrality to have a centralized source of information on this subject available.

Also coming soon is a way you will be able to help TSF promote Carbon Neutrality via your own web site and even receive a financial benefit. TSF has decided to forego hiring professional fundraisers to help raise money. The Foundation prefers to work with individuals who are established on the web and who want to help promote Carbon Neutrality

Help TSF plant trees and educate people and get something back for your efforts. It may not make everyone a millionaire, but you can earn something reasonable while doing something wonderful for the environment. Where else can you help clean the atmosphere, stop global warming and beef up the food chain while earning something for your trouble?

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