Advisory Team

Marielos Alfaro MEc, MBA

Techinical Advisor

Advisor on technical matters related to reforestation, CO2 conversion and carbon neutrality. Affectionately known as "Miss Carbon Neutrality"

Marielos Alfaro has a long and distinguished career serving in the environmental field. After securing a Masters degree in Economics and Managing Renewable Natural Resources (1980) from the National University, Marielos went on to work for 24 years as the Professor of Environmental Sciences in this same institution. In this capacity, and as a private business consultant, she has been privileged to consult for many local and international organizations in a research and advisory capacity. Now she works as the primary consultant for the Tropical Sierra Foundation on issues regarding Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Credits and Reforestation.

International Development Bank, World Bank, AID, GTZ (Germany), ORGUT (Sweden), IRG (USA), and many others.

She has also held a number of board positions:v

President, Costa Rica Chamber of Forestry (1998-2001)
Board member, National Office of Forestry (1998-2003)
Board Member, National Fund for Forestry Finance (2000-2003)
Founding Member, Costa Rican Implementation Group Office (1995-1996)


Biol. Samantha Kennedy A.
Educational Programmer

I strive for the awakening of an environmental consciousness in Costa Rica and around the world. I am set on strengthening alliances among groups dedicated to education, conservation, and environmental restoration.

I want the Foundation achieve all of its proposed objectives, and for it to become recognized in Costa Rica, and all over the world, as a group of dreamers who worked to make their dream a reality, for the benefit of all living beings on Earth.


Dr. Federico Sosto

Legal Adviser

Advisor on all legal matters related to the Foundation

Mr. Sosto has a long and distinguished career in international law. After receiving his law degree from the University of Costa Rica, he went on to complete his Doctorate at the University of Sorbonne in Paris.

For over 15 years Dr. Sosto has taught law at the University of Costa Rica as well as maintained a private practice in Costa Rica. Dr. Sosto is involved in environmental issues in Costa Rica and even has a business exporting non-traditional plants. Occasionally he is privileged to serve as an auxiliary Supreme Court Justice. We also consider it a great privilege to have him as our legal advisor.


Marielos Murillo Sánchez


For over three decades this teacher worked in schools, high schools and Iniversities as teacher and as environmental educator. Now she is a collaborator of Tropical Sierra Foundation and develops other environmental projects with kids and youths.


José Alberto Pérez (COPE)


Grew up in Flores of Guapiles, Costa Rica a place surrounded by natural beauty and many of the creatures illustrating the educatons materials of the Foundation are done by Cope.Cope art school is nature itself and is reflected in his beautifull artwork. The Foundation is proud to sponsor Cope´s work. You can see his artwork in our gallery in this site.

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