Association of Volunteers for the Service of Protect Areas (ASVO) Costa Rica, Central America.



ASVO was formed in January 1989 for the purpose of assisting the Costa Rican Ministry of Natural Resources in the conservation of protected areas. It is a non-profit organization made up mostly of young student volunteers who love the outdoors and with aspirations to work in forestry, biology or perhaps as a Park Ranger someday.

These dedicated individuals go through training in fire fighting, first aid, rappelling, self-defense and other necessary skills to enable them to assist the meager national force in protecting the nation’s vast national park system from natural and unnatural risks.

Many risk their stopping poachers from hunting endangered species, illegally cutting timber or stealing turtle eggs just to name a few of the many problems that frequently occur in Central America. Along with this they help local fire fighters battle blazes, fix forest trails and help rescue lost or injured hikers.

For their work in protecting the valuable old growth forests and its inhabitants, the Tropical Sierra Foundation supports these faithful guardians of the forests by supplying them with food, clothing and bus fare as our funding permits. We did get their web site built for free through one of our supporters, which you may visit at the following link.

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