Tropical Science Center (official name: Centro Científico Tropical) Costa Rica, Central America.


In 1972, a young graduate student, George Powell, arrived in the Monteverde rainforest to conduct research for his doctoral dissertation about birds. Enthralled by the diversity of bird life, he decided to spend time here studying the magnificence of the cloud forest. During this time scientists were marveling at some of the unique species found in the Preserve, such as the endemic ´golden toad´, now apparently extinct. Powell, among them, was alarmed by the deforestation taking place in the region and the illegal hunting and speculation with untitled lands. His concern turned into an effort to protect the cloud forests and wildlife with the help of the Guacimal Land Company, owner of some of the lands under threat. The Company was looking for ways to get rid of squatters in its land, when Powell came along, and they decided to donate 328 hectares to Powell if he could find an organization with the conditions to properly administer and protect the land.


Powell approached the Tropical Science Center and this 328 hectares became the beginning of what was to become the magnificent Monteverde National Park where the Tropical Science Center still conducts much of it’s research today more than 30 years later.

The Tropical Science Center was founded in 1962 and has become one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world. It regularly provides consulting services to numerous international organizations in Latin American, Africa and Asia. General areas where we work with TSC may include: Watershed Management, Forest Ecology, Carbon Fixation and Climate Change.

A specific project we are dearly concerned about is the expansion and protection of the Biological Corridor and will continue to provide what assistance we can to help the Tropical Science Center to reforest this area and reclaim lands from area farmers through the peaceful purchase arrangement. Many farmers are willing to sell their lands (once part of the forest area) back to the reserve, but money is needed to repurchase these lands for reforestation.

The Tropical Sierra Foundation does not become involved in land purchases; however the Tropical Science Center does and donates these lands back to the reserve. The lands are then reforested with native species to bring the rainforests back to their natural state to allow the native flora and fauna to flourish.

To help support the reforestation part of these projects you may donate to our Foundation by clicking this link. The Tropical Science Center is currently building a new web site to promote their Biological Corridor project. When it is up we will put the link information here. In the meantime we invite you to visit their main web site at this link.



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