Children's Education- Reforestation

Children's Education- Reforestation

Often deforestation occurs due to harsh economic conditions and a lack of knowledge about alternative ways to use rain forest biodiversity in a sustainable way. At some point a new generation must understand the importance of protecting the rain forest. By creating respect for nature, all of us can help future generations to protect and replenish what has been lost.

To accomplish the goal of educating a new generation of rain forest protectors, many years ago the Tropical Sierra Foundation began a program known as: "Tropic Joe's Rangers". Foundation Volunteers visit elementary schools throughout the country and introduce them to Tropic Joe the red-eyed tree frog via the pages of a beautifully illustrated children's book known as "Secrets of the Rainforest".

Children's Workshops

First, the children are given a presentation about the rainforest and why it is so important to protect it. This is a "hands on" workshop where the children do puzzles and have lots of fun painting forest scenes using water colors. All the materials are provided by the Tropical Sierra Foundation. Volunteer biologists and college students conduct the work shop along with representatives from the Tropical Sierra Foundation.

Once the workshop portion is completed the students are loaded on to a bus and taken to a nearby location where reforestation is needed. They learn the right way to plant a tree so it has the best chance of surviving. They also learn how each tree will help in soil conservation while at the same time providing a habitat for local forest creatures. The types of trees they plant will depend on the location and the biodiversity needs of the area.

At the end of the day each child receives a personal bag of "goodies" which includes their own copy of one of the Tropic Joe's Adventure series books such as "Secrets of the Rainforest", usually a T-Shirt and some other giveaways sometimes provided by corporate sponsors.

Corporate Workshops

The Foundation also provides workshops for corporations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and involve their employees in wholesome activities that help the planet. In some cases the corporation invites their employees to involve their children in a family tree planting adventure while in other cases the corporation simply wishes to educate their staff on what carbon neutrality realy means and then help them get involved in capturing carbon.

Children's Books

To date the Foundation has produced two children's books:

  • "Secrets of the Rainforest", the first of Tropic Joes Adventures where Tropic Joe leaves the rain forest to find friends to help him protect his home (and he finds some children who want to help).
  • "The Magic of Water", which explains in detail the water cycle.

Both of the above books have been reviewed and approved by the Ministerio de Educacion Publica (Public Education Ministry) in Costa Rica for use in all schools.

How You Can Help

Individuals: for only $25 you help educate a single child about the importance of protecting the rain forest. Each child recieves a Tropic Joe's Adventure book and is given the opportunity to participate in a tree planting field trip.

Corporations: The same as individual donors, corporations may sponsor from one up to any number of children. You may also sponsor the printing of the Tropic Joe's Adventure books for use in educating children. Books printed using your donation will have your corporate logo placed on the back cover. Contact us for more details on how you can be involved in helping the next generation become protectors of the rain forest - Tropic Joe's Rangers.

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