Dos Pinos and Tropical Sierra Give a Helping Hand To Siquiares River

The alliance between the Cooperative of Milk Producers Dos Pinos and the Tropical Sierra Foundation (FTS), will let recovery 400 m of Siquiares River in El Coyol, Alajuela.

As a symbolic manner, the Operations Director from Dos Pinos, Dr. Orlando Fletes; Mr. Foy Streetman, founder of TSF and Mr. Gene Hallman from the Rainforest Credits Foundation, planted 12 trees in one of the areas that will be reforested.

Mr. Foy Streetman, Orlando Fletes and Gene Hallman

There will be 400 thousand trees planted in the next three months.

Life to the River

Studies made by the Tropical Sierra Foundation, the native species that must be planted around the river were determinated, to recover its original characteristics in its flora, fauna and cleanness, among other elements.

Dos Pinos will plant the little trees, they will give them maintenance, including a watering system for the dry season, and they will watch out for them and their well development.

The National Company of Force and Light, facilitated the native trees of Costa Rica, that are the adequate for the area because of its height, rain precipitation, and territorial conditions.

This work is important, because the recovery of the river wants to be extended to the Turrucares area. That means that the development of a program of environmental education, the reforestation and the sponsorship of companies around the area of El Coyol and Guacima of Alajuela, are necessary.

On the left part, the river bank of Siquiares River that is going to be reforested, in the middle Mr. Orlando Fletes y Mr. Foy Streetman in an alliance for live and for the recovery of nature, on the right some of the little trees that were given by the National Company of force and Light

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