Final Report Monte de la Cruz

Final Report

Monte de la Cruz









Final Report

Thanks to the funding provided by Merck Sharp & Dome, the Tropical Sierra Foundation was able to work with 40 children from ten different schools of San Rafael de Heredia, in Costa Rica.

These children came two Saturdays a month for almost a year, raising awareness and environmental education in Monte de la Cruz, Future Environmental Education Center of the community.

Each day the children received workshops about environmental issues which were reinforced with books published by the Tropical Sierra Foundation:

 The Tropic Joe’s Adventures:  Secrets of the Rainforest and

 The Tropic Joe’s Adventures:  The Magic of Water

At the close of these 16 workshops, the children showed great motivation and many of them became the subjects of multipliers in their homes and schools, dispersing the seeds which were planted in them.

In an act of closure, motivation and reward for the participating children, we made a visit to the Children's Museum (  Here we saw different educational programs many of which were devoted to the environmental issues.  At the end of our tour, we gathered in a room provided by the Museum to recognize the children for their participation in the program.  The children expressed their thanks with letters and drawings sent to Merck Sharp & Dome.

We would also like to thank the sponsorship for their support in achieving a new book called:

The Tropic Joe’s Adventures:  The Tree of Life

It is to be used as the other Tropic Joe’s Adventure books in environmental education for children from schools throughout Central America.



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