The Forest Fairy left, but the children arrived!

Once upon a time, there was a fairy that took care of the forest…

But, there came a heavy rainfall and the fairy, who stood at the edge of a stream, was washed away by the flood that rushed down the stream.

She couldn’t move because her wings were soaked and she had lost her magic wand. We never heard from her again! Only the trees, frogs, butterflies, and the sad elf in love with her remembered her.

Many years passed and humans came to the forest and transformed it into coffee plantations and covered the rest with pine trees and houses. Joe, the frog, Morpho, the butterfly, and Drop, water, lost their home until…

Children put wings back in the forest...

Ten young people, from age 10 to 12, decided to plant trees and plants in order to create a butterfly garden.

The flutter of life was brought back to this corner of the forest in San Rafael, Heredia.

During this Costa Rica national holiday, Day of the Child, September 9th, the fifth grade students of CEUNA forgot about parties, ice cream, and music and dedicated their morning to the forest.

There, they packed the soles of their shoes and their pant legs with mud, filled their hands with soil, learned how butterflies reproduce and grow, and why it is important to plant host plants to help them to feed and reproduce.

Thanks to the National Utilities Campany Fuerza Y Luz, the Association of Volunteers for Protected Areas (ASVO) and the Tropical Sierra Foundation, the children planted Chapernos for the Morpho butterflies; Candelillos for the yellow and black butterflies; Heliconias and Cola de Gato. The butterflies will have a place to lay their eggs and other plants that will provide them with nectar to feed on.

We haven’t yet heard the beating of the fairy’s wings back in the forest, but the return of butterflies flying around CEUNA will show us, again, the vitality of nature, its incredible beauty, and the hope of having a Costa Rica full of people that think and act in a new way… to help and protect life.

Day: September 09, 2004
Location: Centro Educativo CEUNA San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica

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