Glass Frog

When you think of glass, you typically think of fragility and translucence. The glass frog is aptly named as it has both of these attributes. The glass frog is indeed translucent. Through it’s fragile membrane of skin one can actually observe the internal organs!

A new species of this frog was recently discovered at Braulio Carrillo National Park in the Barva, Heredia area of Costa Rica. It is believed that this may be the only area of the world where this frog exists. It’s crucial at this time that we identify any potential threats to this new specie to prevent it’s possible endangerment or even extinction.

This project will last approximately 12 months beginning at the end of 2003. It will be overseen by two biologist who will do an intensive study and document diet, mating habits, natural predators, and potential threats. Their results will be used to develop a survival and growth strategy for this specie.

Tropic Joe is supporting this project by covering the basic living expenses of the researchers who are living within the national park for the projects duration. Any purchase of an item from will help us with this and other eco-projects. Also, if you would like to make a donation to this project specifically, you can do so at any time by donating online and earmarking your funds for the Glass Frog Protection Project.

Finally, please send this page to a friend. The more people who hear about this project, the more that can help us protect this extremely delicate creature.

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