Joe supports ecological flag prize

One hundred - ten educational centers all over Costa Rica received the Ecologic Blue Flag prize for their contribution to ecological well being.

This was the first time that this prize was granted to these institutions, and only after they went through a series of activities like garbage collection, recycling, reutilization, talks, organic garden projects, butterfly farms, reforestation and other elements that strengthen the education of the children and prepares them to be environmentally responsible citizens.

The Ecologic Blue Flag Program started at the beaches and was later to the urban areas. Since 2004 it is applied to schools.

For the first edition, 235 institutions registered, for a participation of around 30 thousand students.



The CEUNA School, with which we worked so hard in the year 2004, was one of the winners of the Ecologic Blue Flag.



The Ecologic Blue Flag program involves the participation of ministries and institutions like Acueductos y Alcantarillados (Water and Sewage) Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, ICE (Costa Rican Electricity Institute), and the ministries of Environment and Public Education.

The Executive President of ICE Pablo Cob (first from the left), as well as the Minister of Education, Manuel Antonio Bolaños (second from left to right) will meet with functionaries from the Tropical Sierra Foundation in the next few days to program Tropic Joe’s reforestation and environmental education work more strongly.

A teacher, Yolanda Pacheco, daughter of the president of the country, Dr. Abel Pacheco, started the Ecologic Blue Flag program. We will also meet with Mrs. Pacheco soon, so that the Blue Flag program can be strengthened by the book “Joe´s Adventures”, and by reforestation programs in schools, as part of the environmental education that will allow the survival of planet Earth.



Date: February 17, 2005
Location: Escuela San Antony , Moravia, Costa Rica

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