Joe's message in the classroom

The approval of the book “Joe’s Adventures, Photosynthesis” by the Ministry of Education enabled the training of 11 teachers from the Santiago, El Palmar and Barrio San José de San Rafael de Heredia schools.

This pilot program will get the most potential out of this project, created by specialists Samantha Kennedy and Marielos Murillo, and the support and vision of the creator of the Tropical Sierra Foundation, Mr. Foy Streetman.

The publication was conceived to be used in the second cycle of primary school, that is, 9 to 12 year old children. However, in this workshop, the participants considered that it is applicable to children of all ages.

The teachers present there are tutors at the schools mentioned above, and they supervise at least 3 other teachers.

Besides the explanation of the program and its contents, the teachers received guides and practices for the children. Many of the activities planned contemplate the use of disposable materials like plastic, aluminum, and paper, among others. It is expected that the book will begin to be used in primary schools this same year.

This is another step of the Tropical Sierra Foundation to help change the man-nature relationship, and to make the common citizen do positive things for the environment.

Date: March 18, 2004
Location: San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica

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