María Aguilar river helped by Joe


As part of its Environmental Issues Program, these functionaries of the Hortifruti company worked one Saturday morning planting 100 native trees at the edge of the Maria Aguilar river, which goes through the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.

The trees were donated by the Tropical Sierra Foundation as part of its support to the people, companies, enterprises, and institutions that support reforestation as an answer to the excess gas emissions, and the generation of more oxygen on the planet.

The work of the Hortifruti employees started several months ago when they cleaned the river bed and prepared it for this massive plantation. In total, they will plant 500 trees along 250 meters of the river edge, which is the equivalent of a hectare of land.

With this they contribute to keep the river in its bed, without overflowing, to restore aquatic life, and to allow birds to find a good place to live. The planted trees will also produce oxygen and capture carbon dioxide produced by vehicles and surrounding industries.


Jorge Mora works in credit and billing. “It is nice to see the river alive, full of creatures, instead of dry or dried out.” Mr. Mora had Saturday off, but he was present at this activity.

For Mrs. Calvo “planting trees helps keep the environment healthy.” This woman works as a janitor, and although she was working this Saturday, she asked for leave to attend the activity, and then worked extra hours to complete her schedule.

Forest engineer Carlos Salas, person in charge of the project, thanked the Tropical Sierra Foundation’s collaboration and remarked that the Hortifruti Company and its personnel will water, fertilize, and care for the trees, until they are able to fend for themselves. “Hortifruti processes food, and by eliminating weeds and high grasses it avoids the presence of rodents. This is another advantage of the reforestation performed along this river”.


Our Message

Tropical Sierra Foundation’s biologist Samantha Kennedy spoke to the participants in this reforestation about environmental contamination, the importance of rivers, and about Tropic Joe’s work on the restoration of nature.




**Hortifruti has around 300 employees in this plant, located in Curridabat. There they process fruits and vegetables that are distributed to over 100 supermarkets of the Corporación de Supermercados Unidos chain, under the names Más Por Menos, Palí, Hipermás, and Maxi Mercado. They also have operations in Nicaragua.

For this type of activities and others performed on environmental matters, the chain received a Bandera Azul Ecológica prize.

Date: February 12, 2005
Location: Curridabat, Costa Rica

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