Our mission

OUR MISSION at Tropical Sierra Foundation is:

We are a Foundation (TSF) dedicated to replenishing nature through educational programs and reforestation of the tropical regions. TSF allows persons, corporations and institutions to support our programs in the Carbon Neutrality arena (carbon sequestration) to offset and reverse the effects of global warming on the Earth by removing the CO2 from our atmosphere.

Carbon Neutrality is the process whereby the trees absorb carbon and oxygen is liberated.


At TSF we believe that all people have a responsibility to nature by conserving and replenishing it through various mechanisms. Support from sponsors who share our ecological philosophy will ensure that our natural resources will be used in an ethical, rational and sustainable way.

Our declaration of these principles is inspired by a creature of the rainforest represented by a green, red-eyed tree frog named Tropic Joe, the spokesperson for the Rainforest. Tropic Joe is the icon of our campaigns and a witness to the loss of our natural habitat.


The five principles of TSF that produces concrete results in favor of nature are:

  1. Do something for nature that is pleasing to the Creator.

  2. Do something to help the habitants of the rainforest that depend upon nature.

  3. Do something financially successful to help sustain the peoples that live in these regions and motivate them to replenish and protect nature.

  4. Do something to give recognition to all who support these initiatives in replenishing and protecting nature.

  5. Do something everyday that is so much fun you cannot wait to wake up and help nature.


Our vision of TSF is to become a world-class organization by promoting and implementing reforestation and conservation programs in the rainforests, producing educational and cultural changes to convert each person to become CARBON NEUTRAL, replenishing forests and establishing equilibrium of our habitat.


TSF has developed diverse educational programs such as the “Rainforest in the Classroom” Program, which uses the “Adventures of Tropic Joe” series of Children’s Books that teach young and old alike the importance of conservation.

Our programs have been implemented in conjunction with private companies, Universities, National parks, ecological reserves, and other foundations that share the same mission. We believe strongly that the first seeds should be planted in the minds of our children. Highly experienced and dedicated professionals who work for the Foundation have prepared these materials. These materials are available in both hard copy and in electronic format so our message may be easily distributed on a global scale.

“We plant trees to eliminate green house gas emissions”

Some of our initiatives:Our approach to replenishing nature involves education of our children. TSF produces literature about nature such as "The Adventures of Tropic Joe"and "The Magic of Water". These publications contain valuable lessons about the air we breath and water we drink, and just how reforestation helps to protect these elements so essential to human survival.

A typical 'Replenish Nature" program would include both children's education and reforestation components. To get started, you simply choose what mix of products you would like to include in your plan. Here are some typical inclusions:

Children's Education Program
You choose the school for sponsorship either from our list of candidates, or make arrangements with a school in your area. Each student attends our Tropic Joe's rain-forest adventure seminar where they receive their own personal copy of the Adventures of Tropic Joe book - each with your logo printed on the back cover.

Children's Education- Reforestation
In addition to the above the children are taken on a field trip to help plant trees in an area that needs it. Usually it is along the banks of a small river or on a sloping hillside to help protect from soil erosion.

Custom Reforestation

We help you design a customized reforestation program that may include your employee participation, elements of children's education and more. One of our  volunteers would be happy to sit and discuss the possibilities with your marketing team or environmental policy manager.


If you see two identical, similarly priced products, one has an eco-endorsement and the other does not - which one would you buy? Most persons prefer to buy the product that best defines who they are. Environmental awareness has grown to the point it defines many of todays consumers.

Savy business owners have recognized both the peril the environment faces and the general trend of consumers toward environmentally friendly products. Some corporations know they need an environmental policy but are not yet sure which policy will fit their particular needs. If you fall into either of these two categories, you will find our approach to replenishing nature to be of interest.


In our view, any one who uses their resources to help the environment deserves special recognition. That is why we allow them to place the "Plant a Tree" symbol on their products and we include their name in our list of sponsors on the highly trafficked Tropic Joe website.  Your name will also be mentioned in our regular newsletters we send out to the public and other sponsors.

We encourage sponsors to use the Plant a Tree logo on their products, in their published material and even on their web site to show the world you are serious about helping the environment - what we like to call "Replenishing Nature". Such publicity will identify your business as part of the solution. It defines you as an ally with the concerned consumer and your products will be preferred over those without the symbol of environmental responsibility.


Most large multinationals have already begun placing their corporations on the side of replenishing nature. Google has pledged millions to help in the promotion of environmental causes. General Electric supports the development of all types of alternative energy. Even Rock bands such as Mana have made their statement by starting a Foundation to protect endangered sea turtles. Does your business have an environmental policy? If not, why not contact the Tropical Sierra Foundation today and let us help you craft a custom environmental plan that will build image and employee morale. Let's become partners in helping Replenish Nature.


This logo is used by many companies to show their support of Carbon Neutrality, by putting this logo on their products, which identifies them as a sponsor of this cause.

TSF printed the “THE HOW YOU CAN HELP”. Sponsors eager to help TSF’s cause can purchase this material and give it to their customers. The booklet contains information about Carbon Neutrality.

Tropic Joe’s website www.tropicjoes.com: Updated information on many subjects: Carbon calculator, which explains how to offset green house gases, a gallery, Tropic Joe’s, store (a good percentage from the sale of products go to the cause)!! Log on now!!


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