Project to intoduce technological tools

The Minister of the Atmosphere of the Government of Costa Rica, Robert Dobles announces this Tuesday 7 of November a project to introduce technological tools that it will reduce to the illegal cutting and slow down the deforestation. They indicated that the cutting of trees it was 35% in the 2003 to a 15% last year, indicating that Costa Rica takes the advantage as far as protection of the forests of all Centroamerica, nevertheless is not necessary to lower the guard. The wooded cover in Costa Rica maintains a recovery rate from 1997 when it was of 42%. In 1987 it was of as soon as a 21% but in the 2005 estimation it was of 51%.

The project counted on the financial and technical cooperation of the Organization of Nations United for Agriculture and the Feeding with a means investment million dollars. With this Costa Rica plan it is put to the vanguard in the protection of his natural resources, demonstrating that the problem of the cutting can be fought, declared.

The modernization of the control will be made with the use on the part of guardaparques and civil employees of the Atmosphere ministry, among others, of navigators GPS and personal agendas that will allow locating of exact form the land for which permissions of short are asked for of trees. The coordinator of the strategy, Juan Jose Jiménez, said that he looks for to avoid the change in the Earth use that occurs to the moment that a proprietor asks for permission to cut in farm but that, with aid of the GPS, could be defined that in the 2000 zone at issue he was populated with forest. Esto le permitira to the forests to replenish themselves and to compensate the effect conservatory that the industries produce.

The minister affirmed that legal reforms will be made that allow stronger pains and strict than they allow, to find forms that the seized wood can be taken advantage of immediately and not four years later when the judicial process but with the already unusable wood is finished and that its decomposition does not cause that the carbon is left insured, but who frees itself in the atmosphere and returns to contaminate.

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