Rainforest Credits

Rainforest Credits Foundation Oklahoma, USA


Our support for Carbon Neutrality comes primarily from outside Costa Rica in locations such as North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. The Rainforest Credits Foundation (RCF) has its focus primarily on supporting research into ways Carbon Neutrality can be achieved through more efficient use of natural resources. RCF supports our Foundation by assisting us with grants and finding donors interested in achieving Carbon Neutrality through offsetting methods such as reforestation.

Tropical Sierra Foundation is involved in present day solutions for offsetting excess carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Rainforest Credits Foundation supports research into ways we can accelerate the absorption of CO2 either through more efficient use of what we have (i.e. existing plant species and technology) or use of hybrids.

For more information about RCF and the work they do, please visit their web site.

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