Solutions in high school

*More than 40 young people plant trees on campus
*Junior Tropic Joes Rangers help them appreciate nature

October 2004 will go down in history as the month that Tropic Joe the Frog did an educational activity and planted trees at a secondary institution, with the help of the new Junior Tropic Joes Rangers.

High School of 1200 Students

On the first of October, 2004, a group of 50 students, less than 5% of the student population, set out on the campus of Mario Vindas High School in the town of San Pablo in Heredia, and planted trees with great devotion.

In a symbolic act, they planted 80 saplings to increase oxygen production, create shade and refresh the environment, attract insects and birds with fruits, and above all, commit themselves to Topic Joe to defend the environment in Costa Rica and in other parts of the world by being an example.

One science teacher from Mario Vindas High School, Argerie Rivera declared that “there are a lot of dedicated kids who look for opportunities to do things. Planting trees and shrubs allows the students to identify objectives and set goals; it also complements programs from the Ministry of Education. The people who participated in this activity were acting as volunteers.”

Our Tropic Joes Rangers

For the first time, eleven Junior Tropic Joes Rangers, ages 10 and 11, set out to carry a message of hope, hard work and action to a group of high school students.

In science lab, the young students explained why planting trees is important and then led an activity that involved each high school student and encouraged them to appreciate trees and the life they produce.

The Tropic Joes Rangers, supported by the Tropical Sierra Foundation, are in fifth grade at the CEUNA elementary school in San Rafael, Heredia. Their teacher, María Luisa Paniagua, emphasized that “kids with environmental education have a sensibility that is contagious to everyone. These little ones have a big message for Costa Rican society and they need support from all of us adults.”

Give a Hand, we Plant Hope

Several organization worked together to carry out this event at Mario Vindas High School/Colegio Mario Vindas seve, including: the Tropical Sierra Foundation, the Association of Volunteers for Protected Areas (ASVO), the Public Works Company of Heredia (ESPH) and CEUNA school.

All of these organizations have created an alliance to work to improve the environmental quality of the planet, particularly in Costa Rica, through education and action.

Day: October 01, 2004
Location: San Pablo de Heredia, Costa Rica

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