Trees Mend Broken Hearts

*Cardiac patients and their families plant trees
*Roble and Dama trees unite Tropic Joe and people of Costa Rica
*40 hearts for life

Every hearbeat, no matter how small, is still a heartbeat and the heart is life. That’s how the members of the Cartago Institute Cardiac Rehabilitation Association/ Asociación de Rehabilitación Cardiaca de CartagoInstituto (ARCCA) see it, and for them, planting a tree is a commitment to their own lives.


Healthy Hearts, Better Life

Some of them have artificial valves, others have had by-pass surgery, some have had heart attacks, and all of them, absolutely all of them, fight for their lives. That’s why they formed the ARCCA organization that carries out different activities to sustain its members’ hope for life.

By way of forestry engineer, Freddy Rojas, from the Technological University of Costa Rica/ Tecnológico de Costa Rica, the ARCCA members contacted the Tropical Sierra Foundation and coordinated the tree planting activity in the Farmers’ Township San Isidro 2/ Asentamiento Campesino San Isidro Dos, located between Ochomogo and Llano Grande near Cartago.

Mrs. Flora Peralta, coordinator of this activity, stated, “We look for positive things for our members. Planting a tree is renewing life in nature. Being able to contribute to making the world a better place, brings hope to the ill. In our case, it also brings the people with cardiac conditions together with their families.”

Tropic Joe Makes New Friends

The message of Tropic Joe, the little frog spokesperson of the rainforest, also reaches adults. People with heart problems demonstrated satisfaction with the presentation about the importance of planting trees, problems throughout the world due to pollutant gas emissions, and above all, the interest that Tropic Joe and the Tropical Sierra Foundation have in changing things.

The Tropical Sierra Foundation provided 40 sapplings of roble and dama trees so that their roots may grow to better hold the soil in the Farmers’ Township San Isidro 2/ Asentamiento Campesino San Isidro Dos. These trees will bring more potable water and birds to the area, and stand for a commitment of making a better world for everyone.

The best thing for Tropic Joe, however, is the example these human beings with heart problems, together with their closest relatives, have made by not giving up in the face of environmental problems, and deciding to plant trees to help change things.


Day: October 30, 2004
Location: Llano Grande de Cartago, Costa Rica

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