Tropic Joe The Frog

Tropic Joe is the spokesman for the rainforest, representing those who cannot speak for themselves. The Tropical Sierra Foundation selected the red eyed tree frog to be Tropic Joe to put a face on the trauma our rainforests are facing. The red eyed tree frog is a native of the Costa Rican rainforest and knows first hand the problems there.

The Tropical Sierra Foundation and Tropic Joe´s are the brain children of philanthropist Foy Streetman. The Tropical Sierra Foundation is a non-profit, politically neutral organization devoted to saving our natural resources with primary emphasis on the environment of Costa Rica. This foundation uses donations to reforest devastated areas and purchase rainforest acreage to protect from industry development.

Tropic Joe ensures the following criteria are met in this reforestation process:

  • The tree being planted must have a relatively high Carbon Absorption Capacity.
  • It must have a good chance of survival in the environment in which it is being planted.
  • It´s planting must be of benefit to the humans living in the area, and where possible provide jobs to the local community.
  • It must be of benefit to the other flora and fauna in the area (such as providing food or shelter to these creatures).
  • As our spokesman, Tropic Joe is appealing to every individual and group, from school children to corporate America,
  • no matter what age or background, everyone can help Tropic Joe.Please join him and others from all over the world.
  • Make a real difference NOW!

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