Tropic Joe in Peace University

A delegation from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, visited Tropical Sierra Foundation’s see, in San José Costa Rica.

The visitors were interested in the Foundation’s work in environmental education and reforestation.

In the conversations held in this gathering, they concluded that Tropical Sierra Foundation (TSF) could be an official advisor for Japanese companies in this topic, for the ones that are directly in the Japanese archipelago, as well as the ones that are abroad.

First contact

The dialogue held between Mr. Foy Streetman, founder of the TSF, and the distinguished visitors, was an example of how there are no cultural or linguistic barriers when people are tying to preserve nature and collaborate in its recovery.

Both parts agreed on keeping good a communication so in a short period they can have concrete common work projects with Tropic Joe leading the way.

Tropical Sierra Foundation expects to start work alliances with Hiroshima Prefecture in topics as environmental education, reforestation and carbon neutrality.

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