Tropical Sierra Foundation Seeks Wings for Green Macaw

*We were in the IV Binational meeting for the Green Macaw protection
*Special activities in Northern San Juan, Nicaragua

Trees: Life for the macaws

Within a warm welcome by the Northern San Juan’s people, in Nicaragua, the Binational meeting for the Green Macaw protection was effectuated from May 27th to 29th.

This is one of the endangered species (around 200 are left) by the aggressive destruction of its habitat in the tropical rainforest, mainly in the area that is shared between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Indio-Maiz Reserve.

In a symbolic manner the community and the organizations like Tropical Sierra Foundation, Rio foundation, the Ministry of Environment of Costa Rica (MINAE) and its homolog MARENA (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Nicaragua), not only gave an appointment to support this activity , but also they sympathized with this communities , to make consciousness in its inhabitants and recompense also the efforts of the people that take care of the macaw’s nests, and that keep up planting the trees in which the macaws make their nests, to facilitate future generations and other positive actions towards the green macaw.


Dr. Medardo López, General Director of the territorial coordination of MARENA, Nicaragua, referred about the meeting as an opportunity to demonstrate the political social classes the traditional brotherhood and solidarity that has always existed between both nations. “In the Southwest of Nicaragua we have one of Nicaragua’s most important natural reserves, the Indio Maiz Reserve. It has protected areas near the San Juan River.  There is a lot of biodiversity, especially in the water resources.
This makes us work together in projects; the most important thing about this is that the institutions that participate were MARENA works as an environmental rector, have been developing the conscious that we have to incentive the participation from the citizens, civil society, non governmental institutions and foundations that are working hard, as it is the case of the Tropical Sierra Foundation. We considerate that there are very important aspects in which we have to emphasize. For example, if we talk about conservational terms, we have to look for dynamic and alternative ways to get to the people, in this case the producers. We are searching how to work a proposal to start a project, like to start the environmental services payment, or to give any kind of ince
ntive to the people tat are helping in environmental manner and in the improvement in their life’s quality. We are initiating a relationship with the Tropical Sierra Foundation in environmental education and in this about the environmental services payment. The environmental intervention must be unique and indivisible and we have to straighten it together.

The meeting also helped to establish important contacts for the Tropical Sierra Foundation’s projects that are in the educational field as well as the payment for environmental services.

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