We Plant for Tomorrow, Today

Tropic Joe and his friends find more commitment for saving the planet.

Like branches of the same tree that grow in search of sunlight and the roots that expand to keep the tree steady, different organizations gathered at the Santa Ana Zoo discovered they have more common goals than difference.


In an activity about trees, a group of 12 children, ages nine to eleven, and 20 adults, learned about how to collect seeds, the role that trees play in the forests, germination, growth, transplanting and planting of trees.

In two hours of work, the environmental educators from the Foundation of Zoos/Fundación de Zoológicos, FUNDAZOO, patiently explained the different topics that make up an educational workshop for our frog, Tropic Joe, who listened with full attention, because it will help him better defend the forest and keep his friends’ homes safe.

Many people came together to participate in this activity: children from CEUNA School and their mothers; members of the Association of Volunteers of Protected Areas (ASVO), employees from environmental management of the Cooperative of Milk Producers for Dos Pinos, personnel and directors from the Tropical Sierra Foundation, and of course, employees from FUNDAZOO who were from the Santa Ana Zoo.


This event gave the opportunity for the different participants, associates and friends of Tropic Joe to demonstrate their intention and desire to work for a healthier planet.

According to Carlos Rincón, Director of Environmental Management for Dos Pinos, businesses have to be environmentally responsible, and their company is already doing so in Costa Rica.

The Director of FUNDAZOO, Yolanda Matamoros, added that environmental activities, such as this one, about trees, allows children to become conscientious and plants in them the seed for a healthier and a more sustainable future.

The representatives from ASVO, which included Luis Matarrita, consider that working with the Tropical Sierrra Foundation is an excellent opportunity to help solve environmental problems in Costa Rica and to make positive alliances between different organizations whose goals are very similar.

The children from CEUNA, for their part, were happy to see adults take on the mission of searching for environmental health for Costa Rica and the planet.

Day: October 21, 2004
Location: Santa Ana, San José

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