Detengamos el Calentamiento Global

You can help stop global warming. The new phrase being tossed around is "carbon footprint". This can be translated into the amount of CO2 equivalent you produce each year living your normal life. How will you personally offset your greenhouse gases and help stop global warming? There are many different solutions advocated. We propose the most natural solution. Plant trees.

The average North American produces 22 tons of CO2 per year. One tree, planted in the dry tropics of Central America, over 12 to 20 years, can convert 0.82 tons of this CO2 into carbon and oxygen . "So what?" you say. This means the average American would have to plant 27 trees per year, to become "carbon neutral". It will still take 12 to 20 years to do its job. The time to start is now. "Carbon Neutrality" isn't just a slogan, it's a way of life. You adapt. You make changes. You decide to make a difference by deciding how you will live each day of your life. That's how you help stop global warming. One day at a time. One tree at a time.

Here is where you begin your journey towards Carbon Neutrality. It ends when you decide you have reached a comfort zone; when you have offset enough greenhouse gases to feel good about yourself, or about your organization. Start feeling good today by planting a tree.

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